Gedanken zum Wochenende: HR und Coaching

Juli 2018

HR and Coaching relevant. First enjoy the show, this is still amazing...

Now think about few HR Rules:

  • Sometimes focus on the shy people not the loud and smart guys

  • Hire the best for the special jobs, not the best generalists

  • Look forward to find the hidden talents, most of them are inside your company

  • Take your time, develop your employees, it's more effective then hiring people

  • Insist on higher standards, the people won't win all the challenges, but they will learn

  • Give the raw talents a chance, you can teach them the job routines, not personality

  • The future of your company should be diverse, the young girls will take their places

  • Color, ethnic, age, sex, sexual preferences are not any catagory of hiring & developing

  • Dive deep, you shouldn't judge about people on the first sight

  • Take a bunch of opinions, take a 360 degree feedback

  • Never trust one manager, one opinion only - so don't rely on mine 😁

We tell it open-minded...

Still not convinced?

Take a glimpse:


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