Destiny or Decision?

A long time ago…

… in ancient times the old greeks believe in destiny.

They wrote well-known tragedies about it.

Tragedies like Odyssee, Icarus, Oedipus or Pygmalion, including the Pygmalion-effect – in present times we are calling it self-fulfilling prophecy.

And in present times we don’t believe in destiny that much.

In present times we believe in decision – in a strong kind of freewill.

But nowadays we are facing a new dilemma.

The latest realization of neuroscientific and forensic is:

There is no strong kind of freewill. There is freewill only and the illusion of logical reasoning. As a matter of fact, there seems to be freewill determined by our limbic system and caused by our emotions.

Setting that point the question is:

Are we able to make a decision?

Can we decide to be evil or being good?

A well-known German forensic expert told us: “Everybody can become a murderer. As well as myself too.”

If so, how do we become a murderer? What is the reason that few people become mass murderer?

We do not know. We are beginning to understand, but we do not know exactly.

But we know that all people can be evil and being good.

What makes the difference? – What makes the difference between Adolf Hitler and Nelson Mandela?

Destiny or decision?

I believe both is right. There seems to be a kind of destiny. And there seems to be a kind of decision – a kind of freewill.

So, I believe it’s our destiny to make a decision.

We call it hope…

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